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Nù Jìn” di Veysî ALTAY
(2014) – 60′ 

Nuova Vita, con lo slogan “ La donna è vita. La vita è resistenza e la resistenza è Kobanê”, raccontala vita quotidiana delle donne combattenti nella Women’s Protection Unit (YPJ), Elif Kobanê , Vîyan Peyman and Arjîn, nella loro battaglia contro Isis.
Il documentario riporta l’assalto dell’ISIS del 15 settembre 2014 e la resistenza di cinque mesi da parte dell’YPJ e delle Unità di difesa popolare (YPG) attraverso lo sguardo di tre combattenti donne.


Veysi Altay has been involved in photography and cinema 20 years. He worked for many years as an administrator for Amnesty International for 6 years and for the Human Rights Association (İHD) and also reported from the war in Rojava (Western Kurdistan) during the battles against ISIS in Serêkaniyê/Ras al-Ayn (2013) and Kobanê (2014). He combines his media and documentary work with Turkish-Kurdish translation and interpreting. Altay has carried out archival research on subjects such as mines, the lynch culture, nationalism, seasonal workers and political disappearances and has produced a book of photography, published in three languages, entitled Em Ên Wenda (We, the Disappeared), featuring 100 photos and 100 stories of people who were disappeared by the state. He is also the director of a number of documentary films

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